My epiphany

Every action that we do is forever – it’s instant and it is immediate. All actions are permanent and forever – they also have consequences and results that are not visible and things can happen other than what you want. In the final analysis from this point onward the only way forward is to be … Continue reading My epiphany

Good food for health.

Top 20 healthy things to eat Eating right not only fights ageing – but can also protect you against diseases associated with age. These 20 foods should be part of your regular diet Blueberries are high in antioxidants Apples Apples are rich in two plant compounds called catechins, and in quercetin. All help to prevent … Continue reading Good food for health.

Web Hosting

I am trying to understand where my industry, my community is going – I want to know the new new thing.  You get so siloed over the years you have to recap on the big picture for it to all fall into place,,,, Continue reading Web Hosting